After long deliberation, My wife and I will be closing the warehouse indefinitely. Once items are no longer in stock, I will not be replenishing. If you have a request for items, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can usually get you pointed in the right direction on where to find what you are looking for. Since I am closing up shop... I am only accepting payment through PayPal or Check at this time.

Yes, I realize that the SSL Certificate has expired. So the site is showing "unsecure". However, if you would like to place an order and you are concerned about the safety of your information, please do one of the following:
1) Place your order and click the option to pay by check. Thus a safe transaction because no info has been entered except for Name, address and contact info. 
2) Place your order and click the option to pay by PayPal. PayPal has their own security. Thus...A safe transaction. 
3) Call me to place your order. 

If you need immediate assistance please contact Chad at 417-529-3424.


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Welcome to Chad's Megabass Warehouse

Chad's Megabass Warehouse

Welcome to Chad's Megabass Warehouse. The first and only Megabass exclusive warehouse providing all Megabass products. My mission is to provide anglers with all of the finest Megabass products and give anglers a wider and more reliable selection than any other Megabass dealer in the U.S. I am committed to helping each Megabass user realize the full potential contained in each Megabass product. My goal is to enhance your fishing experience on the water, and to help you catch more fish!

Contact Us

You can contact Chad at:
Phone: (417) 529 - 3424

About Us

What sets Chads Megabass Warehouse apart from other Megabass dealers, is my personal commitment to tournament bass fishing. The serious, tournament angler...on any my customer. Since I am a competitor myself, and many of my friends and associates fish tournaments all over the U.S., it gives me the opportunity to stay up on the latest hot colors and specific Megabass lures anglers are using. If you want to know the best Megabass lures and colors for Table Rock...I can help....if you want to know which Megabass lures and colors the big smallmouth are biting on Erie and St. Clair...I have the contacts to help you...the same goes for any lake in the country. At Chad's Megabass Warehouse, customer service and pricing is our top priority. You will not find better customer service anywhere. Myself and my network of angling experts can not only help you select the best Megabass lure for your next event or trip, but give you additional tips and useful information as well.

In addition to these services, I also have access to the entire Megabasss Pro Staff.....Aaron Martens, Randy Blaukat, Luke Clausen, and Shin Fukae. At any time, I can contact them to answer any questions you may have, regarding Megabass products and their applications.

Chad's Megabass Warehouse

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